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Scholarships and Payment Plans

Apply early to begin monthly payments now. Scholarships are available on a limited basis and are need-based. See the Application Page for more information. 

Community Funding

The ARC of NC - If you receive services through the ARC agency or you are affiliated with a local ARC chapter, you may be eligible for assistance with summer camp funding. Check with the ARC in your area.

The ARC of Buncombe County - You may be eligible to receive a partial camp scholarship from the ARC of Buncombe County, whether or not you receive services from them. See their website for more details. 

First in Families of NC - often has funding available for summer camp scholarships. Check their website and contact the chapter that serves your region in North Carolina! - Ongoing grants to enhance the quality of life and improve the physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of children who are physically or developmentally challenged. - Charlotte, NC area residents - Atlanta, GA area residents - Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation

Consider asking for support from your family in lieu of holiday or birthday gifts, friends, church, civic organizations, and other community resources.


Donate to the Camp Lakey Gap Scholarship Fund
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