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Designed for People with ASD

We offer a unique program specifically designed for autistic people:

  • visually structured programming,

  • 1:1 and 1:2 positive support from trained staff during daytime hours, and we have 3 overnight staff (and 2 backup staff) from the hours of 8:30pm to 8 am.

  • individualized supports based on information from caregivers


Camper Requirements

  1. A diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder or a related communication disorder.

  2. Manageable behavior and health care needs, to the level of the staff's training.

  3. Guardians must live, be vacationing, or have an emergency contact within 8 hours of camp.

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​We understand that many people with autism prefer routines and predictability in their daily life, and that a summer camp program can be a difficult adjustment. We provide 1:1 or 1:2 support for all campers to help make the transition to camp easier and to meet each camper where they are. 


Our staff are trained to use visual structure (schedules, activity systems, clear definition of space and boundaries) as a strategy to make expectations clearer and facilitate an easier adjustment to new routines. We try to determine each person's strengths and needs using information gathered from parents, caregivers, and teachers; then we develop a plan for implementing visually structured techniques based on that information. 


Many of our staff are college students pursuing degrees in fields such as special education, psychology, recreation therapy, social work, and occupational therapy.  Some of our staff come to us already having some experience working with people that have autism and/or other disabilities. 

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Campers enjoy:

  • song time,

  • arts and crafts,

  • hiking,

  • creek games,

  • swimming,

  • outdoor activities,

  • music and motion,

  • daily special events, and

  • canoeing and lake play at Camp Rockmont.

All activities are adapted so that campers will understand expectations and be able to participate as independently as possible.


Rest and Night Time
At least 3 staff are on duty in the cabin during rest time and at night with two additional staff on call.

Special Diets
If your camper is on a restricted diet, such as a gluten and casein free diet, peanut allergies, or limited sugar and food dyes, please contact the camp director at least a week before your camper attends.


On Sunday a nurse and the Healthcare Activity Director will review medical needs, check in medications, and set up the Medical Administration Record (MAR). A nurse is on call during the week.


2024 CLG Camp Weeks

June 16 - June 21         

June 23 - June 28                  

June 30 -  July 5                 

July 14 - July 19            

July 21 - July 26        

July 28 - August 2       


Ages 18 & up  
Ages 4-11       

Ages 4-11*   

Ages 12-17     

Ages 12-17*
Ages 18 & up  

$2250 per week
$2050 for 2nd camper in family

* These weeks are designed to support autistic campers that can be safely supervised in pairs, rather than 1:1. Generally, this means that campers :​​

  • require minimal assistance with activities of daily living (like bathing or using the bathroom)

  • do not have aggressive behaviors towards themselves or others

  • can be somewhat flexible with their daily schedule and routines

  • able to follow verbal, written, or visual prompts easily

  • tolerate or enjoy participating in small group activities

  • can be safely supervised in pairs, do not run away from caregivers

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