A Place for People with Autism to find Community, Acceptance, and Purpose.


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Camp Lakey Gap at is a week-long residential camp for people with autism. We serve both children and adults, grouped together by age and assigned to different weeks. Our staff are trained to incorporate evidence-based strategies for supporting people with autism into all elements of our program.


Low staff-to-camper ratios allow us to provide a highly individualized experience for each camper. We provide 1:1 or 1:2 support for all of our campers, meaning each camper is supported individually or with one other camper as a pair.

Our emphasis is on providing a recreational opportunity that otherwise would not be available to many of our campers. Our focus is fun; however, camp provides ample opportunities for personal development in a variety of areas, including:


  • social skills

  • self esteem

  • flexibility with change

  • making friends

  • exploring new interests and activities

Our staff support our campers in experiencing social success with peers, being empowered to take leadership roles, successfully trying new things, and learning to accept and embrace themselves. 

At Camp Lakey Gap we want to support all participants, staff and campers alike,  in understanding and accepting different ways of thinking and being. Each of us has a unique pattern of strengths and needs. The better we learn to understand each other and ourselves, the more effective we can be in our personal and professional lives. Many former staff, campers, and parents have remarked on the profound impact that Camp Lakey Gap has had on their lives. In turn, we have been grateful to be a part of their lives and their journeys. 

"Dexter came home from camp remembering to shut the bathroom door when going to the bathroom, always saying please and you're welcome and reminding others to do the same. AND he came home a swimmer. He passed his swim test at the YMCA so he can go down the big slide all by himself." 

-Camper Parent

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