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CLG Counselor Job Description

1. A high school diploma or equivalent
2. At least 18 years of age
3. Education and training experience shall be such that the Counselor will have knowledge and abilities in the
following areas:
a. Beginning knowledge on autism, and a willingness to learn new skills related to autism
b. Communication skills- both oral and written
c. Personal relations skills with the ability to work effectively with children, youth, and adults

• Be able to participate in physical activity for at least 10 hours a day in wooded and hilly terrain. Activities
include hiking, swimming, outdoor games, canoeing, and more.
• Fully participate in and complete the camp training week.
• Read and learn all of the Camp Lakey Gap and Christmount (host facility) policies and procedures
provided to you in your Staff Handbook.
• Develop a professional and respectful working relationship with fellow staff members.
• Read and learn all of the information that is provided to you in your weekly camper forms. Ask questions
about the information provided before your camper(s) arrives, and follow up with camper’s guardians.
• Prepare all necessary items needed before your camper arrives (ie, their schedule and bed name tag).
• Act in a supportive and professional manner when meeting camper’s and their guardians.
• Always dress appropriately and wear staff shirts on Sundays and Fridays.
• Support your camper at their level of need, and use the techniques taught to you during the training week.
• Fully supervise your camper(s) and remain in arms reach at all times.
• Seek support for your camper from the Activity Directors, Assistant Director, Director and Consultants as
• Assist your camper with self care (ie, toileting, showering, eating, etc) at their level of need.
• Attend, listen and participate in all scheduled staff meetings.
• Be prompt to all scheduled activities and meetings.
• Complete and turn in all required paperwork in a timely manner (ie, Daily Notes, Stuff I wish I knew on
Friday form, Incident Reports.)
• Fulfill all other requested tasks throughout the summer.


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